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ORING REPL PLSTC 1/4 & 3/8IN  Mr Heater F276152 Heater Fitting CONN GAS PKG BRS 1/4IN
Fairview O-Ring, Soft Nose, Replacement, 1/4 x 3/8 in, Plastic Male pipe thread x left hand male thread. Propane changeover regulator check valve. 1/4" flare x male.
AC07861 GOLD COIL HANDLE BRASS TEE MNFLD DL TNK BRS 3/8IN    Mr Heater F273117 Thermocouple Lead
Drolet Coil Handle, For Use With: 1/4 in Dia Wood Stove Handle Rods, Brass Plated, 1/2 in Height x 1 in Width x 1 in Depth ?? Inverted flare inlets x ?? male pipe outlet, blister boxed. Replacement part for most Mr. Heater tank top models. Proir to 2011.
Mr Heater F276495 Coupling Nut Mr Heater F276329 Cylinder Fill Plug TUNE UP OIL BURNER 15.5OZ
End fitting for Type 1, Qcc-1 gas grill systems. For appliances with 80,000 BTUs or less. Threaded shut-off, excess flow safety. 7/8" female P.O.L. x male plug. For use with Mr. Heater's Gas Mate ll Quick Connect Coupling kit F276330. Use L.P. gas fill plug for filling the tank with the Gas Mate ll in place. CSA certified. UL approved. Especially designed to absorb water and disperse gum and sludge deposits throughout the system to produce cleaner burning and more usable heat. Combats rust and corrosion. Cleaner burning and greater efficiency, reduces smoke and flue gas combustion odors.
Mr Heater F276139 Cylinder Adapter AC07860 COIL HANDLE BRASS PLAT Mr Heater F273754 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter
Restricted Flow Soft Nose P.O.L. X 1/4" male thread. Most commonly used to connect 1/4? female pipe thread to 7/8? female P.O.L. Drolet Coil Handle, For Use With: 1/2 in Dia Wood Stove Handle Rods, Brass Plated, 1-3/4 in Height x 2 in Width x 3 in Depth 1/4" male pipe thread x 1" -20 female throwaway cylinder thread.
Mr Heater F273755 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter Mr Heater F273655 Cylinder Adapter Mr Heater F276129 Cylinder Adapter
1/4" male pipe thread x 1" -20 male throwaway cylinder thread. Soft nose excess flow P.O.L. x 1/4" male pipe thread. Soft nose P.O.L. Most commonly used to connect 9/16" female left hand thread to 7/8" female  P.O.L.
Mr Heater F273699 Fuel Filter Gas Mate F276328 Quick Connector Mr Heater F271163-30 Hose Assembly
For use with "Buddy" heaters. Most commonly used with bulk cylinder and hose assembly. 1/4" male pipe thread x male plug quick connect fitting. For appliances 80,000 BTUs or less. CSA certified. For use with F276334. UL approved. 3/8" male pipe thread x 3/8" female flare. Most commonly used to hook a low pressure regulator to an appliance.
THERMO STV MGN F/SGL WL STV PP Mr Heater F276130 Throwaway Cylinder Adapter KK0166 BLACK THERMOMETER PROBE
Imperial Magnetic Stove Thermometer, For Use With: Single-Wall Stove Pipe 9/16" left hand male thread x 1" -20 throwaway cylinder thread with shutoff. Imperial Flue Gas Probe Thermometer, For Installation On Double Wall Stove Pipe
AC07830 THERMOMETER MAGNETIC  Mr Heater F273759 Low Pressure Regulator Gas Mate F276281 Full Flow Quick Connector
Drolet Magnetic Thermometer, For Use With: Woodstoves  Installed With a Single-Wall Stove Pipe, 1/2 in Height x 5-1/2 in Width x 10-1/2 in Depth 3/8" female pipe thread x P.O.L. 11" W.C. low pressure regulator designed with 90 degree angle. Will operate on all standard barbecue grills and other appliances. 75,000 BTU maximum flow. 1/4" male pipe thread x full flow male plug. For all appliances and all BTUs or high pressure appliances. Can be used with F276334 or can replace excess flow plug in F276181, F276186 and F276330 kits.
Mr Heater F271158-12 Flexible Pigtail Hose Assembly THERMOSTAT 1P 2X4IN WL MT WHT Mr Heater F273761 Low Pressure Regulator
Acme flexible pigtail hose assembly. 1/4" inverted male flare x Acme Nut. Connects to a Stay A While Tee and Auto-Changeover Dual Stage Regulator. Temperature range: 5? to 35?C, 41?F to 95?F. For use with linear and panel convection and electric baseboard heaters. Designed for superior ventilation across bimetal for optimum accuracy. 3/8" female pipe thread x appliance end fitting. For Type 1 "QCC-1" gas grill systems. 11" W.C. regulator. 75,000 BTU maximum flow.
TSTAT BLTIN SNGL POLE WHT     Mr Heater F276136 Pressure Regulator Mr Heater F273707 Hose Assembly
Single pole units are designed to work as a freeze guard with the lowest cycling temperature of 4?C, 39?F. Each adjustable kit comes complete with white & almond control knobs, installation hardware and instructions. 3/8" FPT x P.O.L. 11" low pressure regulator will operate barbecue grills and low pressure appliances. 1/4" male pipe thread x 3/8" female flare. Replaces most hose assemblies between regulator and fish cooker/smoker, torches, or other appliances.